I am a professional photographer, with over ten years of experience, based in the beautiful county of Pembrokeshire, Wales. I have expertise in many areas of photography, and particularly specialise in  portraiture, commercial photography, fine art photography and digital art and love every bit of it! I'm always keen to take on new and exciting projects to accommodate the needs of my clients and a newly established business, I am very excited to be meeting new clients and receiving new requests on an almost daily basis.


I offer a very friendly and laid back service and take a fresh approach to the way in which I photograph people. I want to capture your character and mood to create authentic images of meaningful moments that you can keep forever. 


Whether you enjoy the outdoors, or love getting dressed up, we can work together to get a real feel for the best environment for you. What do you love in life? What makes you excited? What makes you smile? Bring your favourite things with you: your favourite shoe collection, horse or your motorbike. We can incorporate these into your photo shoot to get a real sense of who you. are Your pictures will be as unique as you are and your photos will not just of you but about you.


Your place, my place or a special place?  You choose the place and time and I'll be there!

Your Place?

Save the hassle of cramming the kids into the car and let me come to you. With my portable studio equipment, I can easily set up your own studio in the convenience of your own home. The benefit of doing it this way is that everyone may feel more relaxed and at ease in their own environment, hopefully resulting in happier photos! We will also have a house full of toys and props to use!

My place?

If turning your sitting room into a studio doesn't sound like your idea of fun then you can come to me where everything will be set up ready for your arrival without the worry of re-arranging your furniture to fit in my studio lighting! There will, of course, be plenty of tea and biscuits on hand at my place!

Special place?

Alternatively, we can meet on location, which can be a lot of fun! Choose your favourite beach or park, a special place from your childhood or the place where you first met your partner.  We can create anything from beautiful, elegant portraits to messy, muddy, puddle-jumping fun to capture some great shots of the kids. 



Pets are a valuable member of any family and having a professional pet portrait is a great way of capturing your pets’ individuality and character. Whether in the studio, at home or at the beach, we can create some great images that portray the fun and exciting relationship  you share with your pets. We can either involve your pets in a family portrait session or make the session  all about them!  Pet portraits make great gifts for the family so let's keep it a secret, sneak to the beach or countryside and make them a fantastic present that the family will love!


A new addition to the family is a special and exciting time. Choosing a photographer to share this with is a very important decision and it must feel right for you. Capturing these precious moments is just lovely and with with the right photographer, the right environment and a little pampering, the process of having your photos taken can be a very enjoyable and memorable experience. I carry out individual consultations with the client beforehand to determine their needs and to give them an opportunity to tell me what they are hoping to get out of the photo shoot. I offer maternity, newborn and first birthday sessions. The three can be booked together at a discounted price. This is a lovely gift for parents-to-be and special gift cards are available to purchase upon request.  Christenings can also be booked at a discounted price for returning customers. We can also capture other important moments in your little one’s life such as first tooth, first haircut and first steps! 


Everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Regardless of shape, size and body image, we can capture stunning photographs either as a present for a partner or just a confidence boost for yourself. A boudoir photo shoot may be something you've never had the confidence to try. As a female photographer, I completely understand the insecurities us women feel with regards to our body image. We are all unique and we are all beautiful. We can choose a location  you feel completely comfortable in.  You can even bring a friend or partner for moral support. This has been very useful for clients in the past and something I encourage. There will be the option of having a full makeover and spray tan prior to your shoot for that extra bit of confidence and sparkle. All photographs are fully airbrushed using professional software to help highlight your best features and magic away any blemishes or bumps that (most of us women) would prefer to disguise...just like in the magazines!



You, as a business owner,  know how hugely important it is that you  give your customers the right message and that your website and all marketing materials ooze professionalism and quality. Having worked with various small businesses around the country, I have a passion for creating images that really give a great first impression to their customers. Consultations are available toall clients either over the telephone or over coffee to determine our objective and the  style of images  required to fully showcase the essence of the company. Are you a strictly professional business? Then let's get some great shots of what your company has to offer. Is your business a fun and friendly service? Then let's capture that and perhaps add some photos of your staff to help personalise your website and brochures. Is your business innovative and unique? Then let’s showcase how your business is ahead of the competition and different from the rest. Whatever your needs, I can tailor your package to ensure that together, we can build a collection of images to compliment your brand, connect with your customers and  create an impact.


My aim fopackages and pricing is simplicity. Too many options is confusing. I want to make my pricing as transparent and as easy to understand as possible. I want you to know exactly what comes with your package, the service you'll receive and how much you can expect to pay if you're so in love with your photos that you want to buy some sneaky extras! I offer a standard package for each session type, always with the option of upgrading after you have viewed your photos. My business is all about offering the best possible service and highest quality products at a price that is affordable to everyone. The products included in my packages are my most popular products, but if you can't see what you're looking for, or would prefer something a little different, then please contact me as I can source most products imaginable. Please see my ‘Little Book Of Pricing’ for more details.

For your convenience, you can view and order through my secure password protected pages. This enables you to select your favourite pictures from the comfort and privacy of your own home,at your own pace, and as a family or group. If, however, you have a family member who isn’t a big fan of computers, then we can arrange to meet at a convenient time  to choose your favourite edited photos. All photos are licensed for commercial, publishing or personal use making them suitable for home, business, web sites, or publication purposes. Copyright details will be stated on your client contract, specific to your needs, but if you do have any questions then please contact me to discuss the details further.



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